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Java 2, Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit 2.2 Release

J2ME Wireless Toolkit released!

Many things improve in this version, awesome features! Download it now! These are some information about it.

The J2ME Wireless Toolkit is a set of tools for creating Java applications that run on devices compliant with the Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI, JSR 185) specification. It consists of build tools, utilities, and a device emulator.

The J2ME Wireless Toolkit implements impressive capabilities which are exposed through standard APIs. The APIs are defined through the Java Community Process (JCP):

- Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) 1.1 (JSR 139)

- Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0 (JSR 118)

- Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI) 1.0 (JSR 185)

- Wireless Messaging API (WMA) 2.0 (JSR 205)

- Mobile Media API (MMAPI) 1.1 (JSR 135)

- PDA Optional Packages for the J2ME Platform (JSR 75)

- Java APIs for Bluetooth (JSR 82)

- J2ME Web Services Specification (JSR 172)

- Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME (JSR 184)

In additi…

Are you a .NET guy, or is J2EE your poison?

Forrester Research Inc. recently put that question to more than 300 enterprise decision makers in North America and learned that while most call .NET their preferred development platform (56%), developers and managers are definitely not on the same page. Enterprises need to recognize these different points of view when making strategic decisions, said Randy Heffner, vice president of Forrester's application development and infrastructure research group.

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AppForge MobileVB Update

If you using MobileVB to develop PDA application, don't miss it!

Appforge MobileVB have patches to improve performance and securities features. This update target for MobileVB 3.5 and 4.0 (not for MobileVB Solo).

Additional information for MobileVB 3.5 users

(Note: Not for MobileVB Solo users)

The MobileVB 3.5.1 update includes:

- Smaller application package size on P800 and P900

- Sony Ericsson P900 Support

- User interface changes to the Booster Install Tool, and MobileVB project settings

- Enhanced support for unstructured exception handling

- Enhanced handling of project references

- Improvements to the Visual Basic 6.0 compiler

Additional information for MobileVB 4.0 users

(Note: Not for MobileVB Solo users)

The MobileVB 4.0.1 update includes:

- Enhanced support for unstructured exception handling

- Enhanced handling of project references

- Improvements to Visual Basic 6.0 compiler

Ready? You can download from

How to protect my PHP script?

Imagine you are a developer, and you have developed a project and delivery demo or product to your clients; How to make sure your client will not modify the source code? Have much reason to project your script such as for security reason (prevent someone find security holes), etc… And important reason is because there is our intellectual copyright.

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What's up PHP 5.0

What’s up PHP 5!
PHP 5.0 has 3 major changes. OOP, MySQLi and XML
Object Oriented Model

Highlight of PHP 5 is OOP. The OOP has included in PHP since PHP3, but it
have many limitations and some bugs. But now PHP5 support:
public, private, protected access modifiers for members and methods
abstract classed and methods supported
interfaces classes supported
final keyword for members and methods supported
Explicit object cloning supported (use clone keyword or __clone())
new function for constructor and destructor (__construct() and __destructor())
constants variable in class supported
__autoload() will be automatically called when an undeclared class is
to be instantiated
Overload method supported.
static members and methods supported
Class type hints supported
Iterators supported (foreach() function)
new “__METHOD__” constant for show the current class and method
new “__toString()” method to show the object as string
new instanceof operator for is-a relationship check (is_a() have been