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J2ME Polish

the open source tool J2ME Polish, which revolutionizes the way J2ME applications are created. Some of its features are:

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Build Tools: J2ME Polish compiles, preverifies, obfuscates and packages your application. Preprocessing and JAD creation are also done. J2ME Polish also contains a device database, which can be extended easily.

Device Optimization: Create standard MIDP applications and let J2ME Polish do the optimization work for you - automatically.

CSS Design: Use the webstandard CSS for designing your J2ME application. Simple text files control the outer appearance of your application. Designers can work independently of the programmers. The design and all the content can be easiliy adjusted for specific devices or device groups.

Preprocessing: Create faster, leaner and device optimized applications with the power of J2ME Polish' preprocessing and the integrated device database. Check and use device specifications within your code without using hardcoded…

Peer to Mail

Someone in have talk about trend to get file from mailbox. I found application name Peer to Mail

Peer2Mail is the first software that let you store and share files on any web-mail
account. If you have a web mail account with large storage space,
you can use P2M to store files on it. Web-mail providers such as Gmail
(Google Mail), Walla!, Yahoo and more, provide storage space that ranges
from 100MB to 3GB.

Python for Series 60

Oh yeah! Since Nokia open only corperate member to test/trial to use it.But now, they just release the Python for series 60. It pretty good for develop application demo :)

Python for Series 60 allows developers to execute Python commands and run Python scripts and applications in devices based on Series 60 Platform. In addition, developers can execute Python commands and scripts in the emulators of Series 60 Developer Platform SDK's. Development starts with an interactive console in a Series 60 compatible device where Python commands can be executed. Alternatively, a developer can write Python scripts, install them to a device executing scripts and applications from the Python Environment.

Python for Series 60 is capable of running applications that use native resources of Series 60 Platform and Symbian OS. It is well suited to the development of prototypes or for building proof of concept applications with a simple and consistent language. Python for Series 60 is an idea choice fo…

Symbian OS 9 targets smartphones for mass market

Symbian OS 9 targets smartphones for mass market

Symbian Limited today has announced the launch of Symbian OS version 9, the latest evolution of their OS for smartphone devices.

The company says Symbian OS v9 helps lower Symbian OS licensee development costs and accelerate time to market for smaller, less expensive and even more capable Symbian OS smartphones. As a robust, secure, open and standards-based platform, Symbian OS v9 will support network operators’ cost-effective deployment of revenue-generating services, content and applications.

Symbian OS licensees have phones based on Symbian OS v9 in development, with product launches anticipated during the second half of 2005.

The Symbian OS v9’s multimedia capabilities support Symbian OS licensees’ development of phones for specific markets. For example, Symbian OS v9 supports Bluetooth stereo headsets, USB mass storage, advanced audio mixing and playback, as well as the latest MPEG and OMA DRM standards that make Symbian OS the foremos…