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Welcome FreeSBIE

I believe you are the one who have try Linux on Live-CD version. Especially a cool projects like Knoppix, Ubuntu.
Now FreeBSD have a live-CD version, they call FreeSBIE or A FreeBSD live CD.

The FreeSBIE current version is 1.1 is based on FreeBSD 5.3, FreeSBIE support several of desktop environment, and you should use shell only.

You can download FreeSBIE-1.1.iso (610MB) from FTP or Bit Torrent. Now FreeSBIE support only i386 and AMD64.



Spark Project

Luke Hubbard has develop a project name Spark. Now He is very hard working...

Spark is a Java server designed to provide various services to Flash clients. Its combines some well established open source projects (Jetty, Spring, OpenAMF, Hibernate, Rhino, Netty2) to form a single server. It’s designed to be modular and extensible also so it should be easy to adapt to your needs. As it’s still early days in this projects life.
Read more? Please visit
Spark | Java Flash Server web page

You can join a mailing list and download source code on Subversion server.



Spring Framework









VIA, Sun and iGoLogic had a brilliant idea: to create the first complete embedded x86 development platform for J2SE, to facilitate rapid deployment of embedded Java programs

JBox is the first dedicated hardware and software solution to support the easy and cost-effective development, testing and implementation of Java SE embedded programs, and is ready to run any Java application straight out of the box.

As the embedded market turns to the x86 architecture for the increased performance and capability, the JBox fills the vacuum for a common platform to act as a standard for embedded program development. Dedicated configurations using one of the versatile VIA EPIA mainboard family are available for the development of multiple applications that leverage the power and capabilities of the embedded x86 platform.



VIA - JBox

Java Technology for Embedded Use

Sajax 0.10

Sajax is an open source tool to make programming websites using the Ajax framework — also known as XMLHTTPRequest or remote scripting — as easy as possible. Sajax makes it easy to call PHP, Perl or Python functions from your webpages via JavaScript without performing a browser refresh. The toolkit does 99% of the work for you so you have no excuse to not use it

Now, Sajax support for ASP, ColdFusion, Io, Lua, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.
Try calculator example?
try it or source code.


Sajax project

io language

lua language

perl language

cfm langauge or cfml (ColdFusion Markup Language)

python language

ruby language



Dynamic AJAX Tables(DAT)

Chat Wall

OpenSolaris, new OS from SUN

Sun just lunched new OS name OpenSolaris. OpenSolaris is an open source project. It's also a community and a website for collaboration, conversation, source, downloads, mailing lists, events and developer tools

How is difference?
Solaris 10 is the latest version of Sun's tested, certified and supported enterprise operating system, available free for download. Future versions of the Solaris operating system will be based on technology from OpenSolaris. Sun will continue to invest in delivering a high quality, highly secure and reliable commercial Solaris Operating System, with the same amount of extensive quality testing and security protection as always expected.

In my opinion, I think OpenSolaris and Fedora is as a front line OS. That’s mean SUN use OpenSolaris to implement new technologies, new version of software or introduce new features. If anything is enough stable then SUN will implement to production Solaris OS. Are you ready? Try? Why not download? just visit http://open…


"AJAX is an acronym that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX gains its popularity by allowing data on a page to be dynamically updated without having to make the browser reload the page."

Ian Suttle explain what is AJAX in Implementing AJAX Using ASP.NET 1.1 article.

Also you can use a free library name "
Ajax.NET", Please review his page, easy to use :)

Lastest news, ASP.NET 2.0 will support for AJAX concepts.

CentOS 3

Are you Redhat lover or Redhat fan club? Nowadays Redhat move to commercial os, But
If you would like to use Linux like Redhat Enterprise Linux, try CentOS.

CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor. CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendors redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. (CentOS mainly changes packages to remove upstream vendor branding and artwork.) CentOS is free. CentOS is now accepting donations via PayPal, please click the button for more information

CentOS 2 and 3 are a 100% compatible rebuild of the RHEL 2 and 3 versions, in full compliance with RedHat\'s redistribution requirements. CentOS is for people who need an enterprise class OS stability without the cost of certification and support.

I think CentOS 4 will release soon, because Redhat just released RHEL 4.0.


The Community ENTerprise Operating System

Redhat Linux

Fedora Core 4 Released!

Fedora Core 4 is now available from Red Hat and at distinguished mirror sites near you, and is also available in the torrent. Fedora Core is available for x86-64, i386, and ppc/ppc64. Please file bugs via Bugzilla, Product Fedora Core, Version 4, so that they are noticed and appropriately classified. Discuss this release on fedora-list.

You can download from

What's new

GNOME 2.10 2.0 prerelease.

Fedora Extras

KDE 3.4

PPC (PowerPC) Support!

More information please visit


XAML (short for eXtensible Application Markup Language, and pronounced "Zammel") is the user interface definition language for the next version of Microsoft Windows, code named Windows Longhorn.

XAML is a declarative XML-based language optimized for describing visual interfaces, such as those created by Macromedia Flash. SVG and XUL are open source examples of XML user interface languages.


Microsoft XAML overview>>


XUL (XML User Interface Language) is a user interface markup language developed to support Mozilla applications like Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Like UIML, it is an application of XML that describes user interfaces.



Macromedia Flex is an application server initially released in March of 2004. In short it is a J2EE application that compiles on the fly Flex mark up language (MXML) and Actionscript into Flash applications.

The goal of Flex is to allow Web application developers to easily build Rich Internet Applications, otherwise known as RIAs. In a multi-tiered model, Flex applications serve as the Presentation Tier. These applications were already possible using Macromedia Flash MX 2004; however for non Flash developers many found it challenging to develop in an animation based environment.


Flex Overview

Macromedia Flex


Rich Internet Applications(RIA) are a cross between web applications and traditional desktop applications, transferring some of the processing to the client end.

RIA's typically:

run in a web browser, not requiring installation.
run locally in a secure environment called a sandbox
can be "occasionally connected" wandering in and out of hot-spots or from office to office
The term "Rich Internet Application" was introduced in a Macromedia whitepaper in March 2002

links :

Overview - Rich Internet Applications Tool

Engineering Rich Internet Applications


AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a term describing a web development technique for creating interactive web applications

One area that's been pushed in web software development is AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript with XmlHttpRequest. The fundamental idea is that it updates web pages without posting back the whole page.

links :

AJAX (technology used in Google Suggest)