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Try android sdk

I have download Android SDK almost a month (but never use it ^_^). Currently I have use it and I have not forget to capture screen shot samples for you :)

Main screen, It have 4 icons: application, contact, browser, map, dev tools.

I have capture some for browser and Map.

Android used webkit engine (Nokia use it as well)

try visit narisa website

sound like it have problem with Thai language...

But it have not serious problem, Sound like just change or modify some fonts. check Thai Enabled Emulator Image for Android

In fact, it is google map service. You can choose 2 mode: sattelite or traffic
I have locate to Thailand

then zoom, zoom, zoom and zoom

If you have choose 'traffic' mode. It will be below photo

That's all. I will going to office for now. For GUI, Document or other information, visit android please.


visitor map service list อันนี้ลองใช้แล้ว ขอใช้ง่ายมาก
Who's Online - maps recent visitors to your websiteWDE - A Free Location Map for your webGeoLogX Locative visitor log by Arclight - Maps the location of visitors to the website. The PHP source code is available under the LGPL open source licence.Google Maps Guestbook - Allow visitors to add comments on a map of the world.MapStats - Blog statistics with visitors tracked onto Google Maps.EvoStats - Stats with visitors tracked onto Google - Track visitors to your website using Google Maps.Map IP locations by Claire - Map the IP location of visitors to your web site.GeoTool - Map the location of IP address or hostname.GeoVisitors module for Joomla! Displays visitors on Joomla powered websites on a Google map.GeoCommunity Extensions for Joomla! Displays visitors on Joomla powered websites on a Google map. Integrated with Community Builder.guestMap source code


I found an interested opensource name Picalo. Picalo is a data analysis application, the software develope by Python + wxWidgets (GUI - Windows toolkit) and include below library:
Python wxPython mxDateTime Python Windows Extensions Statistics package by Gary Strangman Nuvola Icon Set by David Vignoni Gadfly Python DatabaseMatplotlib

links:Picalo (

HTML Layout Engines

HTML Layout Engines (or HTML render engine) is a library used for webpage render from markup language groups (or relate) i.e. HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript), DOM, XML, XHTML, MathML, XForms, SVG, RDF, etc...2 Popular engines: Gecko
used in Firefox, Camino, Flock, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Netscape. Original development by Netscape, currently develop by Mozilla

used in Konqueror, WebKit, Safari. Develop by KDE (for using with Konqueror). It is small library, most mobile phone used it!For another library, check out: Trident, Tasman, WebCore, Presto, iCab. Did you know? and it have not only these. Please visit wikipedia: List of layout engines page for full list!

Internet Explorer (Microsoft) used Trident, but IE for Mac they use Tasman). Presto using in Opera and WebCore is KHTML + KJS (Java Script) using in Safari.
check out for compareYou can visit blognone: Browser. They have many web browser update news. (Thai Language)


Microsoft dynamics

This is interested product groups from Microsoft
Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics works like and with familiar Microsoft software to help your people be more productive. The following products automate and streamline financial, customer relationship, and supply chain management to help you drive business success:Microsoft DynamicsMicrosoft Dynamics AXMicrosoft Dynamics CRMMicrosoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics NAVMicrosoft Retail Management SystemMicrosoft Forecasterlinks
Microsoft dynamics

extjs - a web 2.0 javascript library

extjs is an ajax javascript lib, if you like it check


Load balancer lists

I see these lists while I have make MySQL's survey. Just share, my friends.

Load balancer lists
Apache 2.2 mod_backhandApache 2.2 mod_proxyBalanceBalance NGBIG-IPBlueCoat, formerly CacheflowCiscoCoyote PointF5HA-ProxyIPFLitespeedLighttpdLinux-HA / HeartbeatLinux Virtual ServerNginxNortel Application Switches, formerly AlteonPacketeerPenPerlbalPoundProxy PassPure Load BalancerSquidTCPBalanceTCPForkUltra MonkeyVarnishZeus Load BalancerZeus High-Performance Traffic Manager

SIP Proxy

SIP Express Router
SIP Express Router (SER) is a high-performance, configurable, free SIP server licensed under the open-source GNU license . It can act as SIP (RFC 3261) registrar, proxy or redirect server.OpenSER
OpenSER is a mature and flexible open source SIP server (RFC3261). It can be used on systems with limitted resources as well as on carrier grade servers, scaling to up to thousands call setups per second. It is written in pure C for Unix/Linux-like systems with architecture specific optimizations to offer high performances. It is customizable, being able to feature as fast load balancer; SIP server flavours: registrar, location server, proxy server, redirect server; gateway to SMS/XMPP; or advanced VoIP application server.Tools for OpenSERT: CDRTool, WeSIP - The OpenSER converged Application ServerAnother links
PrimiSIP v070531-aa78, a stateless SIP server in Perl
Performance Results for OpenSER and SIP Express Router
INRIA - deployment notes
Example of a VoIP deployment …

Using cURL to download and upload

I just try to use cURL for download an upload, easy to use and better ftp command line interface. Here are some of examples

Downoadcurl -v -C - -o file.tar.gz
curl -u user:password -v -C - -T file.tar.gzftp://ftp.yourname.comIf you would like to learning more, please check this url. Except cURL, it have ncftp and Wget which also my fav.

curl vs Wget

Live Support and Helpdesk System

Kayako, Cerberus Helpdesk, Inverseflow, phplive, HelpOnClick, liveperson, websitealive, LiveHelp, SupportTrio, Livechatnow, LiveDesk Pro

OTRS (Open source Ticket Request System), RT (Request Tracker), craftysyntax

my asterisk config

Server 1
Asterisk 1.2.24 svn rev 79171

# Autogenerated by /usr/local/sbin/sangoma/setup-sangoma -- do not hand edit
# Zaptel Channels Configurations (zaptel.conf)

#Sangoma A104 port 1 [slot:0 bus:4 span: 1]

#Sangoma A104 port 2 [slot:0 bus:4 span: 2]

#Sangoma A104 port 3 [slot:0 bus:4 span: 3]

#Sangoma A104 port 4 [slot:0 bus:4 span: 4]

#Sangoma A102 port 1 [slot:1 bus:4 span: 5]

#Sangoma A102 port 2 [slot:1 bus:4 span: 6]

;autogenerated by /usr/local/sbin/config-zaptel do not hand edit
;Zaptel Channels Configurations (zapata.conf)
;For detailed zapata options, view…

PRI debugging instructions

very good tip for PRI debug, credit by jpatel who post it on Sangoma A101 E1 line All circuits are busy

Asterisk PRI Span Debugging

Please follow these steps when faced with dead span:
Record the stdout to file for each command.

1. wanrouter status
Check that wanpipe status is Connected
2. wanpipemon -i w1g1 -c Ta
Check the physical T1/E1 Alarms
3. Run: ifconfig
Make sure that tx/rx counters are incrementing.
4. tail -f -n 100 /var/log/messages
Check for any wanpipe errors in messages
5. wanpipemon -i w1g1 -c trd
Run a dchan trace and check that you are seeing incoming and outgoing traffic.
(Note: this option only works with TDMV_DCHAN option enabled, which should be enabled by default.)
6. From asterisk CLI
run: pri show span 1
Check that spans are UP and Active.
run: pri intense debug span 1
Confirm that in/out messages match the trace messages in step 5: from wanpipemon dchan trace.

Linux Distro Timeline

What is your first Linux distro?

Thanks Automatic MySQL Backup

Automatic MySQL Backup is Shell scripts to backup MySQL database. The shell script developed by wipe_out (Thank you wipe_out for the great shell)

here is some of features:Backup multiple MySQL databases with one script. (Now able to backup ALL databases on a server easily. no longer need to specify each database separately)Backup all databases to a single backup file or to a separate directory and file for each database.Automatically compress the backup files to save disk space using either gzip or bzip2 compression.Can backup remote MySQL servers to a central server.Runs automatically using cron or can be run manually.Can e-mail the backup log to any specified e-mail address instead of "root". (Great for hosted websites and databases).Can email the compressed database backup files to the specified email address.Can specify maximum size backup to email.Can be set to run PRE and POST backup commands.Choose which day of the week to r…

2 ways calls example

credit: I found from

// exten => s,2,Macro(dialout-trunk,5,${CALLERIDNUM},)
// exten => s,3,Macro(outisbusy)

$pos=strpos ($fromnumber,"local");

if ($fromnumber == null) :

if ($pos===false) :
$fp = fsockopen ("localhost", 5038, &$errno, &$errstr, 20);
if (!$fp) {
echo "$errstr ($errno)
else {
fputs ($fp, "Action: login\r\n");
fputs ($fp, "Username: phpagi\r\n");
fputs ($fp, "Secret: phpagi\r\n");
fputs ($fp, "Events: off\r\n\r\n");
fputs ($fp, "Action: Originate\r\n");
fputs ($fp, "Channel: sip/telasip/$fromnumber\r\n");

Asterisk: let's upgrade sangoma firmware

I have 3 sangoma cards, and I would like to upgrade firmware. You can use command "wanrouter hwprobe" to check sangoma hareware info.

[root@asterisk1 ~]# wanrouter hwprobe
| Wanpipe Hardware Probe Info |
1 . AFT-A104-SH : SLOT=0 : BUS=4 : IRQ=10 : CPU=A : PORT=1 : HWEC=128 : V=29
2 . AFT-A104-SH : SLOT=0 : BUS=4 : IRQ=10 : CPU=A : PORT=2 : HWEC=128 : V=29
3 . AFT-A104-SH : SLOT=0 : BUS=4 : IRQ=10 : CPU=A : PORT=3 : HWEC=128 : V=29
4 . AFT-A104-SH : SLOT=0 : BUS=4 : IRQ=10 : CPU=A : PORT=4 : HWEC=128 : V=29
5 . AFT-A102-SH : SLOT=1 : BUS=4 : IRQ=9 : CPU=A : PORT=1 : HWEC=64 : V=29
6 . AFT-A102-SH : SLOT=1 : BUS=4 : IRQ=9 : CPU=A : PORT=2 : HWEC=64 : V=29

Card Cnt: S508=0 S514X=0 S518=0 A101-2=1 A104=1 A300=0 A200=0 A108=0 A056=0

[root@asterisk1 ~]# wanrouter hwprobe
| Wanpipe Hardware Probe Info |
1 . AFT-A104-SH : SLOT=0 : BUS=6 : IRQ=201 : CPU=A : PORT=1 : HW…

The Future Of Telephony book: 2nd Edition Released

This bestselling book is now the standard guide to building phone systems with Asterisk, the open source IP PBX that has traditional telephony providers running scared! Revised for the 1.4 release of the software, the new edition of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony reveals how you can save money on equipment and support, and finally be in control of your telephone system. This bestselling book is now the standard guide to building phone systems with Asterisk, the open source IP PBX that has traditional telephony providers running scared! Revised for the 1.4 release of the software, the new edition of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony reveals how you can save money on equipment and support, and finally be in control of your telephone system.

If you've worked with telephony in the past, you're familiar with the problem: expensive and inflexible systems that are tuned to the vendor's needs, not yours. Asterisk isn't just a candle in the darkness, it's a whole firework…