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Wowza Media Server 3.6.4 Released!

just bug fixed since the release of 3.6.3

Fixed problem with developer and trial licenses not working properlyAdded stream context information to RTP and MPEG-TS over RTP log statements for clarityFixed problem where DVR API setRecordingName() was not honored on subsequent useFixed improper tuning of live-record stream type in conf/Streams.xmlFixed a bug in DASH example players that kept playback from starting when any of the chunk URLs provided in the MPD contained “PT”, “PYT”, or “PMT” because of some bad MPD parsing code in the player.Improved MPEG2 frame interpretation to properly deal with frame pictures and field picturesFixed transcoder memory leak in NVENC encoderFixed deadlock issue with SHOUTcast re-streaming in Reconnector threadFixed the Verimatrix DRM module so that resource Ids may be specified as any kind of string such as "myResource_001" instead of just integer strings such as "4000". Fixed for both HLS and Smooth streaming.Improved read/wri…