test LiveStream.com

Video bitrate
  • Basic Quality (500 kbps VP6)
  • High Quality (700 kbps VP6) - PAID
  • HD Quality (1700 kbps VP6) - PAID
  • Basic Quality H.264 Beta (500 kbps H.264) - PAID
  • High Quality H.264 Beta (700 kbps H.264) - PAID

  • No problem with copyright contents. i.e. music, movie
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • DVR & Adaptive bitrate

  • Local Publishing Server (need Paid - Asia available, but Thailand?)
  • need LiveStreaming software to broadcast
  • No Transcode (need send multi bitrate to livestream.com)
  • Google Analytics Integration, but need Paid
  • Embed player, but need Paid!



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