Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.3 released!

Wowza rename to Wowza Streaming Engine, since Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.0 released and follow with fast patch 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and last one (but not lease) 4.0.3. What's new in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.3

Detailed list of changes in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.3
  • Fixed the default H.264 default transcoder
  • Fixed Wowza Streaming Engine Manager saving incorrect values (upper vs. lower case) for implementation and profile in transcoder templates
  • Fixed bug where IStreamRecordManagerActionNotify.onCreateRecord was called instead of calling IStreamRecordActionNotify.onCreateRecorder()
  • Modified StreamRecorder to check the outputFile parameter for an .mp4 or .flv file extension and if missing, add one based upon the fileFormat parameter
  • Fixed ajp13 port improperly binding to tcp port 1 instead of disabling it by setting it to -1 in the file
  • Added java option for Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to prefer IP4 v4 stack (preferIPv4Stack=true)
  • Removed call to VBS script that checked JAVA_HOME environment variable when running as a service. If the JAVA_HOME variable was incorrect, it would hang the service with attempts to query the user (which they weren't aware of). Replaced with more checks in batch files and added logging to batch.log in the bin folder to help diagnose issues when running as a service on Windows
  • Fixed issue where Streaming Engine and Streaming Engine Manager in different time zones prevented users from signing in to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Fixed RTMP reconnect timeout logic for Push Publishing to Akamai
  • Fixed SanJose, Smooth, and DASH to correctly handle the wowzaPlayStart and wowzaPlayDuration manifest URL query parameters for VOD streaming using SMIL files
  • Fixed MPEG-DASH VOD streaming so it provides correct segment duration values in the manifest for content with 44.1kHz audio
  • Added integer Streams/Properties property nameGroupRemoveDelayTime that controls when stream name groups are deleted (value in milliseconds, default is zero, values less than zero will turn off removal of stream name groups)
  • Added integer VHost/Properties property startupStreamsDelayTime to control the delay time (milliseconds) between streams started in StartupStreams.xml (default is zero)
  • Improved startup streams system to use handler thread pool thread for starting streams
  • Fixed transcoder decoder shutdown leak with default H.264, MP2, and MP4 decoders
  • Fixed transcoder memory leak with default H.264 encoder
  • Fixed NVENC H.264 encoder to properly use bitrate setting specified in transcoder template
  • Added new pushPublishDefaultAkamaiDomainSuffix property to allow the default Akamai domain suffix ("") to be modified for HLS streams being pushed
  • Fixed NPE when REST API was accessing applications on an undefined vhost
  • Removed "Add Stream Name Group" button from Transcoder Templates for read-only users
  • Removed a JavaScript "debugger;" statement from the MPEG-DASH Live and VideoOnDemand example players
  • Removed code that was displaying warnings about resources in locales other than en_US
  • Fixed IncomingStreamsConfig to correctly report connection URI for rtp-live streams connected via stream file, instead of throwing exception which resulted in the manager displaying internal server error 500
  • Restored inadvertently removed methods in
    • public long getLiveThreads()
    • public long getPeakThreads()
    • public long getCurrentHeapSize()
    • public long getMaxHeapSize()
    • public long getCommittedVirtualMemory()
  • Improved stack info that is logged when invoke methods catch an exception
  • Added additional debug logging around IP whitelist and blacklist rejection
  • Added additional debug logging around REST API HTTP Header check
  • Updated login error message "403: Forbidden" with more meaningful text
  • Fixed bug in LiveStreamRecorderMP4 where the more accurate audio packet timecodes were incorrectly calculated when packet timecodes jump backward
  • Fixed support for mpegtsMapTimeToSystemTime which enable mapping incoming MPEG-TS timecodes to the system clock to enable multi-server stream alignment
  • Fixed an RTMP playback issue with smart pause that caused corrupted playback if stream was paused for more than 60 seconds
  • Removed the incorrect warning message in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager when an application contains any of the following modules
    • com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate
    • com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2
    • com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleLimitStreamViewers
  • Modified the DASH test and example players to gracefully handle the extra < video > error messages now coming from latest version of Chrome
  • Fixed a memory leak in RTPSessonDescriptionDataProviderBasic when a valid shoutcast stream is connected using the invalid mediacaster type of RTP
  • Updated Server.xml to version 2 with addition of in RESTInterface section
  • Updated VHost.xml to version 2 with addition of in Manager/Testplayer section
  • Fixed LiveStreamRecorderFLV media duration to report the full file duration, when appending to existing file, instead reporting the duration of last content added
  • Fixed LiveStreamRecorderFLV and LiveStreamRecorderMP4 to correctly add packets to file when timecodes jump back in time and splitOnTcDiscontinuity is set to false
  • Fixed LiveStreamRecorderMP4 excessive memory usage when recording a file without segmenting and timecodes jump backward in time and splitOnTcDiscontinuity is set to false
  • Added support for Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to recognize a VHost streaming port with SSL and display the right URLs in test players
  • Fixed logging of DVR chunks after a stream reset. Was not resetting number of logged chunks back to zero
  • Updated Payment Required 403 error message in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to more meaningful text
  • Fixed possible REST API authorization bug when Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and Wowza Streaming Engine use different locales when formatting the request date to a string
  • Added support in VOD Closed Caption (CC) for new HLS feature allowing designation of CEA-608 in the video stream. Improves the CC UI experience in iOS 7
  • Added isSplitOnTCdiscontinuity and setSplitOnTCdiscontinuity APIs to ILiveStreamRecord
  • Added isSplitOnTCdiscontinuity and setSplitOnTCdiscontinuity APIs to IStreamRecorder and implemented the APIs in StreamRecorder
  • ReFixed LiveStreamRecorderMP4 excessive memory usage when recording a file without segmenting and timecodes jump backward in time and splitOnTcDiscontinuity is set to false
  • Fixed bug where stream data quits writing to Segment file when timecodes jump back in time
  • Fixed logging of number of publishing streams reported on server startup
  • Fixed ClassCastException in ModuleCoreSecurity play2 method
  • Fixed Javadocs for IStreamRecorderActionNotify.onStopRecorder which incorrectly said onStopRecorder() was called before the recorder is actually stopped, when it is actually called after the recorder is stopped

Reference: Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.3 Release Notes


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