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Wowza release 4.0.5

Wowza 4.0.5 - SHOUTcast and NVIDIA fixed

Detailed list of changes in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.5
Updated the localstatus function in the Linux services to return a code of 3 if the service is not running as per the Linux Standard Base Specification 3.1Updated code that queries the OperatingSystem MBean to do it in a way that is friendly to non-Oracle JVMs (fixes a problem with Wowza Streaming Engine not starting with IBM JVM)Added logging statements to Transcoder to log first codec config frame and first video frame processed by the video decoderFixed Push Publishing to send NetStream.Data.Start using the correct stream identifierAdded application property "securityPublishSendCloseOnReject" (Boolean, default: false) to ModuleSecurity to close connections upon rejectFixed ServerListenerStreamDemoPublisher shutdown so it does not throw a concurrency errorFixed a problem with Transcoder utility for extracting SEI NAL units that we were not properly checking for buffer l…

add/change wowza apps without restart server.

open jConsolego to MBeans tabWowzaStreamingEngine->VHosts->_defaultVHost_->VHost->Application->{application name}  operation with method  touchApplicationInstance   for example  if the application is livehere5  touchApplicationInstance("livehere5")WowzaStreamingEngine->VHosts->_defaultVHost_->Application->{application name} then operation with method readAppConfig