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Wirecast 6.0.1 released

Wirecast 6.0.1 released
Fixes and Enhancements
• New! Use of the Wirecast Cam iOS 8 App, a free app for iPad and iPhone, as a source. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• New! Added support for . WAV and .M4A file playback that was present in 5.0.3 but absent in 6.0. (Mac OS X &; Windows)
• Fixed crash that occurred if the destination RTMP server was slow to accept a stream after a connection has been established. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed crash due to corrupted audio settings being read from the preferences. (Windows)
• Fixed crash when copying a search string from the Social Feed search field . (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Renamed "Microsoft Azure Media Services" "Azure Media Services" in the Output Settings dialog. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed crash when deleting Tweets from the Social Media message feed. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Prevented Unhandled Exception error when using social media feed without entering credentials . (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed issue tha…