Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1.2 released

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1.2 (released on March 2, 2015) added new support Sony and Axis cameras. other else are bugs fix

Change lists
  • Improved file recording when using live-record StreamType or rtp-record MediaCaster type when using property recordWaitForVideoKeyFrame to trim off audio packets before the first key frame
  • Improved LiveStreamRecord and live-record audio timecode calculations when converting from milliseconds to MP4 track timescale (uses samples per-frame to calculate more accurate timecode)
  • Fixed bug in LiveStreamRecordManager notifyRecordFactory that checked the wrong variable for instanceOf IStreamRecorder, allowing a non-IStreamRecorder object to be returned
  • Fixed bug in LiveStreamRecorderBase that used != to compare strings instead of using the equals string function and not-ing the return value
  • Added backBufferTime parameter to StreamRecorder to allow x number of milliseconds of packets to be pulled from the incoming stream buffer and written to file prior to writing the start of the recording
  • Updated javadocs for IStreamRecorderConstants and StreamRecorderParameters with description and use case for new backBufferTime parameter
  • Added logic to logging initialization that removes the stdout (console appender) when running as a service. The stdout appender is removed by name, if you want the console appender when running as a service, give it a name other than stdout in the conf/ file
  • Added Sony to Incoming Publishers page in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Fixed bug in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager where Internet Explorer 11 stopped responding while trying to access hidden variables on the Incoming Publishers > Sony and Teradek pages
  • Optimized Application.xml and the stream that's created for JVC publishers on the Incoming Publishers > JVC page
  • Fixed bug in Wowza nDVR where ABR alignment would restart aligned indexes at index 0 after a session restart. This caused HTTP origin mode to re-use chunk IDs
  • Fixed potential NPE when trimming the DVR playlist request. Occurred in HTTP Origin mode when chunks were requested from latent players immediately after Wowza Streaming Engine was restarted
  • Fixed issue with push publish to fix the RTP "multicastplay" query string to enable RTSP playback over multicast
  • Improved live stream ingestion performance by caching NAL unit size calculation so that it was not performed on every frame
  • Enabled transcoder H.264/H.265 loop filter for default video decoder
  • Fixed bug where the play IP whitelist was affecting publish IP whitelist
  • Fixed incorrect security denial when requiring a password on play in publish and releaseStream methods
  • Added / property dvrStreamOnlyLiveStreams (Boolean, default=false) that controls if a client can connect to only an actively recording DVR stream (true) or to either a recording or pre-recorded DVR (false)
  • Improved Smooth Streaming PlayReady encryption of VOD files when using non-random initialization vectors (smoothStreamingEncryptionRandomIV is false) to make sure IVs are different for every fragment per the PIFF specification
  • Set smoothStreamingEncryptionRandomIV property to false by default since it works propertly when doing HTTP byte requests on fragments
  • Fixed Streaming Engine Manager configuration of CEA-608 ingest type to ingest live captions properly
  • Fixed issue where closed-caption type could not be set to CEA-608 in the manager
  • Removed support for NVIDIA CUDA accelerated encoding in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Fixed issue with parsing of H.264 and H.265 SEI packets when using Transcoder (didn't account for zero-length NAL units)
  • Fixed problem with Transcoder ngrp creation if audio is set to PassThru and incoming stream is video-only. Now the ngrp is properly created with video-only rendition of the stream
  • Fixed SwaggerParameterGenerator to find actions in super classes so Swagger documentation for actions is correct for SMILFileAppAction, StreamFileAppAction, and SDPFileAppAction
  • Added query parameter documentation for SMILFile, SDPFile, StreamFile, SMILFileApp, SDPFileApp, and StreamFileApp {action} APIs
  • Updated server exit code handling to provide better feedback through Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Fixed REST API documentation for POST method on the list level APIs (for example, ApplicationsConfig, StreamFilesConfig, etc.)
  • Fixed REST API documentation to properly show the serverName property for actions APIs
  • Fixed REST API documentation to properly show the vhostName and appName properties for application advanced properties APIs
  • Fixed REST API documentation for action endpoints that erroneously indicated support for the POST method
  • Removed REST API documentation for outgoingstreams endpoint because it's not currently supported
  • Updated references to the RESTLET libraries (from 2.1.6 to 2.2.2) in the startup scripts when a license check fails and the media server goes into the update license key mode
  • Included linux in updates because of the change to the RESTLET 2.2.2
  • Updated the linux service script to use the new RESTLET 2.2.2 libraries
  • Fixed the Application and Machine stats data by forcing the data to be Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) when traveling across the REST API
  • Fixed bug in UserConfig where adding a new user failed with error code 409, even though new user didn't exist, when the Server.xml RESTInterface authentication was set to none
  • Renamed getMPEGDashCConnectionCount to getMPEGDashConnectionCount to remove the extra 'C'
  • Fixed bug with Apple HLS (cupertino) streaming by properly removing query string in URL before extracting Wowza session ID
  • Changed the default behavior for cupertino streaming when requesting a playlist for stream that doesn't exist to return 404 as an HTTP return code
  • Added a new boolean property "cupertinoReturnEmptyPlaylistOnStreamNotFound" that when added to the applications HTTP Streamer properties, reverts the behavior to empty playlist
  • Added new integer property "cupertinoHttpStreamNotFoundReturnCode" that when added to the applications HTTP Streamer properties, allows the for a custom return code if a stream isn't found (404 is the default)
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in Push Publishing where pushing 2 streams through Wowza Streaming Engine and then removing them both triggers the exception
  • Added new "wowza-streaming-cloud" profile in Push Publishing to allow pushing of streams to a Wowza Streaming Cloud-based Wowza Streaming Engine instance
  • Included Push Publishing output in the bytes out totals stored in the statistical databases that feed the monitoring charts in Streaming Engine Manager
  • Fixed logging issue with HTTP streaming where file information wasn't logged properly in all cases when playing back a single stream
  • Fixed a bug in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager where return key was causing a 405 error when entering text into the Filter by Keyword text box on the Logs page
  • Fixed perpetual loading gear when attempting to display real-time Wowza Streaming Engine Manager error logs that have a size of 0
  • Fixed bug where the sort order check box wasn't displayed when switching back from real-time to historical view on the Logs page in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Added DEBUG icon for debug lines shown in Logs page
  • Fixed bug in SecureToken Version 2 that calculated an incorrect hash when used in conjunction with the StreamNameAlias package
  • Fixed bug in SecureToken by removing line break at the 77th character for Base64-encoded hash parameters longer than 76 characters as this caused the received hash and calculated hash to not match
  • Fixed MediaListRendition.toSMILString(). Properties weren't being output in the SMIL string
  • Added support for RTMPT TCP connections to handle pipelined requests for crossdomain.xml
  • Added new function for SetCodecConfig for H.264, H.265, and AAC to set the codec config bytes without decoding them
  • Added IApplicationInstance API call isLive() that returns true if the stream type for the application instance is a live stream type
  • Fixed HTTP streaming adapter so that if an application uses a live stream type and the packetizer is turned off for a given protocol, the request is treated like a live stream and 404 is returned properly
  • Added WARN log statement to Adobe HDS (sanjose) streaming when a request is made for a live stream that doesn't exist
  • Optimized the file reader code so that it tracks file length during read operations more efficiently


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