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Wowza 4.2 REST API

Welcome Wowza REST API. Since Wowza 4.2 no need REST license anymore. However, I not found official REST API documentation, moreover.. I found only 2 articles on wowza forum:/ How to access documentation for Wowza Streaming Engine REST APIsHow to use cURL to query Wowza REST APIs

Seem REST API on Windows have issue.  but on Linux is work fine. here is some PHP code to call Wowza REST API.
create new apps 1. cURL commandcurl -v -X POST --header 'Accept: application/json; charset=utf-8' --header 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8' http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/testlive -d'
   "restURI": "http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/testlive",
   "name": "testlive",
   "appType": "Live",
   "clientStreamReadAccess": "*",
   "clientStreamWriteAccess": "*",

Wowza well known ports

here is default network config on aws ami

also May you check out this article "How to enable firewall-friendly streaming in Wowza Media Server" by Jimmy