Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.2 (build 20903) released

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.2 has new a new MediaCaster type to enable live applications to ingest Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)

I notice ./lib-native/linux64/ need and  was added.  If you are interested SRT, may check out

Stream: SRT properties

Changes (since 4.7.1 release)
  • Improved LiveRepeater MediaCaster reset logic when streamForceResetOnReconnect is enabled
  • Fixed MediaCaster so _definst_ is correctly removed when IsrRemoveDefaultAppInstance is set to true for WOWZ and RTMP connections
  • Improved Apple HLS MediaCaster to support relative path pointers
  • Added HTTPS support for Apple HLS stream files created in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Added support for ingesting Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) sources with the MediaCaster
  • Fixed null pointer exceptions when an HLS chunk isn't ready for publishing
  • Fixed CORS headers that were being added incorrectly for HTTP requests
  • Resolved issues with CPU loading caused by threads monitoring live stream packetizers for PushPublishing HTTP protocol profiles (HLS, HDS, DASH)
  • Fixed timing issue with PushPublishing HTTP targets when the livestreampacketizer wasn't detected properly, resulting in no files being pushed
  • Fixed issue with handling of the URL attribute in HLS EXT-X-KEY tags in PushPublishing
  • Fixed exception that occurred when PROGRAM-DATE-TIME tags were added to HLS/Cupertino stream targets
  • Updated the REST API endpoint /v3/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications/{appName}/instances/{instanceName}/incomingstreams/{streamName}
    • Added parameter audioCodecString
    • Added parameter videoCodecString
    • Updated audio configuration string:
      • Changed isAudioReady and isVideoReady to show the number of audio and video packets in the stream queue
      • Fixed sourceIP to correctly show the publishing IP when using WebRaTC
    • Fixed video configuration so that it looks for the latest available video configuration packet rather than the current packet queue
  • Added Application/Properties webrtcIdleTimeout property (Integer, default=5000) for WebRTC connections
  • Fixed RTP SDP exchange to include sprop-parameter-set parameter
  • Updated MPEG-DASH MPD creation to list elements in the order in which they are inserted through the CENC encryption APIs
  • Fixed nDVR conversion to correctly handle audio-only MP3 stores
  • Improved filtering of query parameters in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager requests
  • Improved NetConnection to allow send and receive chunk sizes to be changed for outbound connections
    • Added Application/Streams property rtmpSendChunkSize (Integer, default=512)
    • Added Application/Streams property rtmpReceiveChunkSize (Integer, default=128)
  • Added default maximum and minimum time to live values for Media Cache sources when using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
  • Added default maximum and minimum time to live values for Media Cache sources when using the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API
  • Fixed MediaReaderH264 to correctly return no audio type when files don't contain an audio track


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